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The Strouds
by Alonzo B. Stroud, 1919, was reprinted 1982 with additions and corrections, and now converted to Kindle e-book format.
Descendants of Barnet Stroud, born 1695 in England, who came to New Jersey as a child, and married Keziah Harker in 1722, left descendants who scattered. One of their nine children John Stroud (1732-1805) and his wife Sarah Connelly moved from North Carolina to Georgia, and founded the large family traced in this book. Family portraits, and descendants chart are included.
Allied families include: Anderson, Arnold, Baker, Bankston, Battle, Bolton, Brice, Burnet, Carlton, Cone, Crow, Depuy, Dozier, Durbin, Durby, East, Echols, Fall, Felker, Fielder, Graddick, Hagood/Haygood, Harper, Hitch, Lambdin, Lea, Long, Marsh, McDowell, Melton, Middlebrooks, Moore, Nunnally, Perry, Phillips, Roberts, Rogers, Rutherford, Stanid, Stephens, Strother, Thompson, Trammell and Walker.
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