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The founding of the British colonies in America was in part the result of dissatisfaction with the Established Church of England. We all know of the determination of the Puritans to worship in their own way, and their establishment of the Massachusetts Bay colony. Some folks settled among them, wanted change and left to found other colonies.

Welshman Morgan Edwards came to America to minister to Baptists. During his extensive travels he wrote the first history of the development of this denomination in America. Unfortunately his manuscripts were never published during his lifetime, and the portion describing the settlements and churches in New England was lost. Using two versions of the history which survived to the 20th Century, Mary Bondurant Warren brought out the extant portions of Materials Towards a History of the Baptist Denomination, covering the Middle Atlantic and Southern states.

Amy M. Sanders published the history of  Mars Hill Baptist Church, founded 1799 in Clarke Co., GA, now thriving in Oconee Co., GA. Her book includes not only surviving church records, but also cemetery and census records, letters, and newspaper articles of its members for 200 years.

The First United Methodist Church of Athens, GA, received its first minister in 1825. Earlier its members worshiped in Rev. Hope Hull’s “Meeting House.” John Parnell Bondurant II prepared a history of the church from 1803-1988, and included biographies of the men who served on the Board of Stewards, and the church’s Trustees and ministers. Drawings and photographs of the earlier buildings, and the modern sanctuary are included.

Edwards' Materials Volume 1 : A history of the Baptists.

Edwards' Materials Volume 2 : A history of the Baptists.

The First Methodist Church, Athens, GA

The History of the People of Mars Hill Baptist Church and Community, 1799-1999