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Features include Ulster (Ireland) immigration, GA state censuses, ships’ passenger lists, early newspapers, Civil War amnesty oaths, revocation of the Edict of Nantes, transported British convicts, legislative petitions, VA land patent laws. Bible records: Abney, Andrues, Borland, Calhoun, Clonch, Cobb, Collins, Crawford, Crume, Drake, Dubose, Edwards, Elyea, Emanuel, Embry, Franklin, Gorham, Graves, Groce, Harrell, Harris, Hearn, Hooks, Huddleston, Hunt, James, Johnston, McCrummen, Melson, Mims, Mixon, Moxley, Peavey, Pope, Preston, Rabb, Reid, Rembert, Sparkman, Strohecker, Terry, Washburn and Weeks.
Hardbound, 1095 pages, surname index
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FAMILY PUZZLERS 1989 - Out of print
Features include VA District Court records, “Start at the Very Beginning with Yourself,” “Where There’s Money, There Are Records,” “Did Manakin Huguenot Congregation Split?”, Georgians in IN, Colonial Election Poll Lists substitute for censuses; Lyman Draper papers, Alien Registrations,  “Attendance Books,” “Lenoir’s Rangers - NC Revolutionary company, Holland-Bavaria confusion, illegitimacy, Poll Tax clues, Table of Descent. Bible records: Amoss, Andrew, Awtry, Bledsoe, Brown, Bull, Carter, Collins, Crawford, Crichton, Crumpton, Curtis, Davis, Eidson, Eubank, Fortner, Freeny, Garner, Gaskill, Graham, Griggs, Grimes, Hallet, Hambright, Harrell, Hemphill, Hoffman, Hose, Hughes, Jackson, Jennings, Jerome, Kelly, Mashburn, McAlpin, McDaniel, McMurran, Minnich, Morgan, Mullins, Noyes, Patrick, Pattishall, Perry, Rhea, Roberts, Stowe, Terrell, Ussery and Wilson.
Hardbound, 1052 pages, surname index
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Features included inheritance laws, SC Loyalists, Jefferson Proving Grounds, Ceded Lands, minors on tax lists, VA intestate inheritance, NC ratifiers of the Constitution, land allocations, immigrants in bondage, Inferior Court records, GA colonial land records, intestate distribution, SC Baptist records, NC land grant requirements, royal ancestry, NY orphans to VA, two children of the same name, and a Thrower memoir. Bible records: Aycock, Bacon, Barham, Barrow, Bond, Cabaniss, Carithers, Carroll, Chandler, Cook, Crowder, Davidson, Day, Elliott, Etheredge, Folkes, Garner, Gibbs, Greer, Hall, Harris, Henderson, Hicks, Holliday, House, Jones, Kupp, Lunsford, McCracken, Medcalf, Nixon, Poole, Roquemore, Roye, Russell, Scarborough, Stearns, Stephens, Taylor, Thearbey, Thomas, Townsend, Tucker, Walker, Wall, Walters, White and Wood.
Hardbound, 1092 pages, surname index
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Features included VA surveyors’ books, yellow fever epidemic, Revolutionary grants in GA, death certificates, Swiss documents recount Huguenots’ plight, Queensborough, 1814 GA Pay record, Loyal Company of  VA, Scotch Covenanters to SC. Bible records: Anderson, Barr, Bridges, Bullock, Carleton, Carlisle, Cleveland, Coody, Coudy, Daniell, Deal, Drinkard, Emory, Fenley, Greer, Higgason, Hiley, Hodgson, Hoyt, Hurst, Johnston, Jones, Kennedy, Ketcham, Lambert, Logan, MacLean, Meriwether, Moore, Mott, Nix, Parker, Pace, Painter, Raney, Richardson, Robinson, Rogers, Scott, Self, Shelley, Simpson, Slaughter, Snead, Sowell, Still, Talley, Towns, Whitmire, Whitten, Williams and Wise.
Hardbound, 1104 pages, surname index
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