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Features include Special Collections at University of GA Library, “Relief” laws, Robert Johnston family, Hosea family, list of Bible records on TN State Archives; Thornton family, World War I records, Thompson Family, Hutto-Hottow family, Wilmington [NC] Gazette abstracts, Huguenots in Britain, Kelso graves, cemetery preservation laws, using maps to locate cemeteries. Bible records: Adams, Bacon, Barr, Bell, Bentley, Bird, Brookins, Burge, Burnham, Carter, Collyer, Crichton, Davis, Delay, Dobbs, Eddins, Evans, Ferree, Fuqua, Gray, Griffin, Hiley, Hill, Hobby, Houston, Hunter, Johnston, Jones, Kelly, Kesler, Kidd, Knox, Landrum, Latham, Lloyd, Maples, McDaniel, Moore, Moss, Park, Pope, Prudden, Rogers, Ryan, Shivers, Singleton, Stephens, Stevens, Strong, Treadaway, Troutman, Widle and Williams.
Hardbound, 1074 pages, illustrations, surname index
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Family Puzzlers Magazine
Begun in June 1964 as a weekly newspaper column in Athens, Georgia, Mary Bondurant Warren edited this weekly magazine until Jan. 1, 1998.
Each issue contained a feature article, meeting notices, books reviews, a Bible record, queries from subscribers, and editor's notes and hints on where to look next. Over 30 years of Family Files - the material from which published queries were edited - have been donated to the Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscript Library at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.

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First four years as a newspaper column and periodical. Features on early records of GA families, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, early censuses, church minutes, newspapers, cemetery surveys, unrecorded marriage licenses, dower rights, land grants, Scots-Irish of Queensborough. Families with special information: Banks, Black, Cobb, Crawford, Darden, Johnston, Jordan, Lane, Lowrance, McKinney, Meriwether, Moss, Purifoy, Rose, Scrimshire, Thornton, White and Williams.
Hardbound, 277 pages, illustrations, surname index
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Feature included “Write for the Ages,” GA Archives’ finding aids, IL marriage index, “Where Were They Born?,” British Mercantile Claims, Bible dating, Rev. William Douglass’ manuscripts, tombstone errors, GA Newspaper Project, divorce as a source of records, bastardy, widow’s dower right and widower’s curtesy, guardians & wards, slave births, what was “transportation?,” British land grants along the Mississippi. Charts on Griffin, Griffith, Moore and Shannon families. Bible records: Alexander, Ayers, Brobst, Brown, Carter, Chambers, Chapman, Childs, Clark, Elliott, Ezzard, Fling, Gibbons, Goss, Griffin, Harwell, Hatcher, Higginbotham, hilsman, Hubbard, Jackson, Judge, Lane, Livingston, Loftis, McClelland, McDaniel, McDonald, Mewborn, Monroe, Moon, Pattishall, Raulerson, Roberts, Roe, Sharp, Sills, Smith, Stone, Stringer, Strobel, Talley, Taylor, Thomason, Tullis, Udell, Walker and Welslager.
Hardbound, 1092 pages, illustrations, surname index
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