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What are E-books?

We have written a short e-book on what e-books are and how they are changing book publishing and reading around the world. We have put together a list of questions and answers regarding e-books - Click here to view it.

You don't need to buy a e-book reader device to read an e-book. Just about anything you already have (laptop, desktop PC, Macbook, Linux PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, and even Blackberry phones) can read an e-book with a free program that you can download from

If you have additional questions, use our contact us page and we'll answer it via email.

Our library of e-books are listed on and are purchased from Amazon's website.
Our Kindle Book Store is on

Purchasing e-books requires an account, and requires a credit card for any associated charges. Amazon accounts have no monthly costs, just the amount of your purchases. If you have previously purchased products online from, you already have an Amazon account and can purchase e-books as well.

All E-Books will have an Amazon Kindle logo on the-book page, with the current price of the e-book. If you click the Amazon Kindle logo, it will launch a new browser window or tab and show you the ebook on Amazon's website.

E-books have many benefits. For an example, search any keyword in the-book. Another is automatic updates or corrections. Third is compact format, hundreds of e-books on your desktop, laptop, or kindle reader. Fourth, quick delivery. Your reader will have the-book within a minute or so, as long as you have a WiFi internet connection. Add that to lower price, makes it a winning combination.