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What are E-books?
We have written a short e-book on what e-books are and how they are changing book publishing and reading around the world. Please click the book link and it will start a new tab in your browser at and show you the book. You can preview many pages of the book via their "look inside" option. If you like what you see, you can purchase it and download the book to any compatible device able to read an e-book.
We have put together a list of questions and answers regarding e-books - Click here to view it.
All of our e-books are listed on and cannot be purchased through our website.
Our Kindle Store here on
Purchasing e-books requires an account, and a credit or debit card for the cost of the book. There are no extra costs or associated charges. Amazon accounts have no monthly costs, just the amounts of your purchases. If you have purchased products online from, you already have an amazon account and can purchase e-books as well.
All E-Books will have an Amazon Kindle button as follows, with the price of the product. If you click the button, it will launch a new browser window or tab and show you the product.
Unlike a printed book, if you purchase an e-book and find an error, let us know and we'll fix the error and republish it. Everyone who has purchased the e-book will receive a new copy of the corrected edition of the book when they sync their device(s), free of charge.