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Cadastral Maps
Have you ever wished you knew where your ancestors were located on historical maps?
A Cadastral map is a map that has the larger land owners and their property marked on the map, which helps locate where your relatives lived at the time of the printing of the map.
Cadastral maps are fairly rare, since it would take the time to glean through the land owner records and overlay their property on the map and then re-print the map.
Clarke Co., GA 1893 (map) Item No. 56$6.00
Madison Co., GA 1884 (map) Item No. 58$4.00
Franklin Co., GA 1910 (map) Item No. 59$6.00
Oglethorpe Co., GA 1894 (map) Item No. 60$6.00
Wilkes Co., GA 1901 (map) Item No. 61$6.00
Banks Co., GA 1909 (map) Item No. 62$6.00
Province of South Carolina - 1773 (full size) Item No. 86$10.00
Ninety-Six District, S.C. 1772 (map) Item No. 87$4.00
Abbeville District, SC 1825 (map) Item No. 88$4.00