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Their own life stories, told in their own words...

These 254 Georgians lost everything they owned in the colony of Georgia, and left with only the clothes on their back. Read their testimonies, and those of family, friends and neighbors supporting the claims. Military service, defense of Savannah against the Rebels and French, Rebel attacks on Augusta, settlement of the Irish at Queensborough, immigrants’ stories, are told. Then the bitter loss of homes and work when they were forced to leave Georgia.

Their common link was displacement and destitution. Learn from their personal accounts of the horror of war, and their family suffering.

Georgia claimants: Agnew, Samuel; Akehurst, Alexander; Alexander, James; Antrobus, Isaac; Baillie, Alexander, George, John, Robert; Baillou, Isaac, James; Barrow, Thomas; Barry, George; Behler, Jacob; Blunt, Redden; Blyth, John; Bonnell, John; Bosomworth, William; Bowen, Samuel; Brailsford, Samuel; Brice, Rigdon; Brittain, Isaac; Brown, Rev. James, John, Thomas, William; Buchanan, John; Bunyie, James; Butler, James; Channing, John; Chapman, John, William; Clark, John, William; Clifton, William; Collis, Robert; Colville, William; Corry, Robert; Cowper, Basil; Crawford, Edward; Creighton, Alexander; Cunningham, Alexander; D’Erbage or Derbage, George; Davis, Richard; Dean, Peter; Douglass, Benjamin, John, Samuel; Drybrough, John; Edgar, James; Edwards, Peter; Elliott, Grey; Fanner, Joseph; Farley, Samuel; Fatio, Ann; Ferguson, Henry; Finlayson, Henry; Fletcher, Jacob; Flyming, Thomas; Ford, James; Fox, John; Fraser, Donald; Friermuth, John Adam; Fryor, Aaron; Gionovaly, Margaret; Glen, John; Goldsmith, Thomas; Goodbread, Philip; Goodgion, William; Gordon, James; Graham, James, John; Green, George, Henry; Grierson, James; Gullan, Thomas; Hall, Nathaniel; Harding, William; Haven, Stephen; Hayes, John C.; Henderson, John; Herriot, James; Hewat, Andrew; Higginson, William; Hopkins, John; Horn, Elias; Hume, James; Inglis, John; Ingram, James; Irvine, John; Jackson, James; Jamieson, John; Jenkins, Rev. Edward, Samuel Hunt; Johnston, Andrew, George, James, Joseph, Lewis, Jr., Lewis, Sr., William; Jollie, Martin; Jones, William; Kelsall, Roger; Kincaid, George; Kirkland, Moses; Kitching, James; Knox, William; Lawe, Mrs. Frances Simpson (Yonge); Lesley, Joseph; Leslie, Mrs. Martha; Lightenstone, John; Lloyd, Thomas; Love, William; Lucena, John Charles; Lundie, Archibald; Lyford, William; Lyle, James, Matthew; Mackenzie, William; Mackinen, Charles William; Malcolm, Farquhar; Manby, Aaron; Mangum, William; Manson, Daniel, Thomas, William; Marran, David; Marshall, Joseph; Martin, James, John; Martindale, John; Matthews, John; McDonald, Archibald, John; McGillivray, John, Lachlan, William; McGown, Alexander, David; McIntosh, William; McKenzie, George; McMinn, Thomas; McNaighton, Alexander; McNeight, Alexander; McNutt, Alexander; Menzies, John; Miller, John, William; Milligan, David; Mills, John; Moncrief, James; Montgomery, Samuel; Moodie, Robert; Moore, Philip; Moses, William; Moss, William; Mossman, James; Mulcahy, Patrick; Munro, Simon; Murray, John, Sr.; Ogilvie, George, Peter; Outerbridge, White; Pace, James; Panton, William; Paterson, Alexander, Simon; Pedro, Elizabeth; Phillips, Daniel; Polson, John,  Sr.; Powell, James Edward; Prince, William; Pryce, Charles, Jr.; Rackley, Joel; Ralleson, Francis, George; Ratham, John; Read, William; Reid, Alexander, Robert; Rennie, Rev. John; Ried, Thomas; Ring, Christopher & William; Robertson, Andrew, James; Robinson, James; Rogers, James, Thomas; Ross, Thomas; Russell, David; Scales, Miss Ann; Seymour, Rev. James; Sharp, Henry; Shave, John, Sr., Richard; Shaw, Charles; Shivers, James; Silsby, Daniel; Simpson, James, John, William; Smith, Rev. Haddon, Joseph, Katherine, Samuel, Thomas; Spalding, James; Springer, Benjamin; Stead, Benjamin; Steel, Hugh; Stokes, Anthony; Storr, John; Strachan