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Welcome to Heritage Papers!
Since Heritage Papers was started in 1962 by Mary B. Warren, we’ve published magazines and many books to assist historians and genealogists. We are converting our out-of-print books into e-books. Some of our maps and printed books are available for those who prefer a hard copy from the original publisher.
The massive transcription of thousands of hand written pages of British Loyalists who were trying to get the King to repay for their losses when they abandoned Georgia is done, (resulting in over 2700 printed pages) of British Georgia - Loyalists’ Claims and is offered only as an e-book.
Our most recent e-book is The Men Who Saved Georgia, Oglethorpe’s Regiment, providing transcripts of letters, newspaper reports, and lists of those men who protected the Colony from Spanish and Indian attacks.
Soon to be released as an e-book will be the letters and reports from the infant Colony of Georgia, as the settlers from Britain and Europe turned the forests and sea islands into farms, villages, and forts. Learn what was going on from their letters home. How men who came as indented servants become the leaders of the next generation.
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